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February 7, 2022 2:54 pm

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If was a boring weekend for anyone who plays on the PokerStars platform in the US. PokerStars American-facing sites were down all weekend on what was later called “unscheduled maintenance.”

PokerStars customers began flooding social media with messages and posts on Friday, February 4, complaining that they were unable to access the poker site. This included users in every state the company legally operates in the US, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Why was PokerStars offline all weekend?

Eventually PokerStars representatives tweeted out, “Due to unscheduled maintenance, all MTT’s have been cancelled until Monday at 10 am EST. Our apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.” PokerStars reps later confirmed that the unscheduled maintenance also effected cash games on the site.

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After getting more questions about the outage, including inquiries about players personal information, money, and privacy, PokerStars issued another tweet addressing those concerns. ““Since the maintenance is unscheduled, we aren’t able to provide any concrete time frames. Rest assured it is not a privacy concern, just some technical issues that popped up. The cashier should be available on our downloadable software.”

PokerStars wasn’t the only online betting site that was affected by the issue. The Stars Group, which operates PokerStars, also operates FOXBet Sportsbook and Stars Casino which also were down and out all weekend.

After a barrage of questions from their customers, FOXBet VP for Communications Eddie Motl spoke to media and repeated much of the same messaging delivered by PokerStars.

“Our sites are currently down due to an unscheduled maintenance issue and our tech team is working hard to get all back up and running ASAP. Customers across all verticals – FOXBet Sportsbook, PokerStars & Stars Casino – can still manage their accounts. We do not anticipate any impacts to customer account balances. We thank customers for their patience and apologise for this inconvenience.”

FOXBet representatives had to be somewhat thankful that the outage occurred this weekend, and not the following weekend during the Super Bowl.

Author: Naomi Berry