The 10 Best Shows on Netflix for the Holidays

The Netflix holiday catalog is full of great titles, and the company is working hard to keep up with demand.

The company has just announced the Top 10 shows on its streaming service for the holidays.

Here are the best-performing Netflix original shows, ranked from least to most popular:1.

The 100: The 100 is one of the best shows on Netflix, according to the ratings aggregator The NPD Group.

The show follows a group of teens who have to save the world by fighting the evil virus.

The top five shows from this season are “The Avengers,” “Black Panther,” “The Good Wife,” “Stranger Things,” and “The Librarians.”

The series, which has a new season beginning January 12, has been renewed for a second season.2.

The Muppets: The Muppet Show: The first episode of this new season is currently streaming on Netflix.

It is the second best-rated series of the season, according the NPD group.3.

The Handmaid’s Tale: This new season premieres on January 26.

It has been the most popular season of the show with 1.5 million viewers watching the premiere episode.4.

The Crown: The show is now available for the first time on Netflix after it was unavailable for more than a year.

It premiered on February 3.5.

The Walking Dead: This season’s premiere is available on Netflix as well.

The latest season of this popular AMC series has more than 9 million viewers tuning in.6.

The Last Man on Earth: The latest episode of the new season, which premiered on March 16, is available now.

The series is the fourth-most-watched series on Netflix in 2016.7.

The Big Bang Theory: The second episode of Season 3 is now streaming.

It debuted on April 25.8.

Daredevil: The new season premiere is now live.

The season premiems on June 12.9.

Black-ish: This show has been available for two seasons on Netflix but has been delayed to March.10.

The Haunting: The season premiere of this series is now on Netflix with a new trailer.

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