The TV-loving world will soon be a bit more comfortable with 55 inch TVs thanks to a new TV-specific technology

The future of the TV-watching world is here and it could be a whole lot bigger than you thought.

A team of researchers from Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University have built a prototype of a new form of TV that could allow TV viewers to comfortably watch video on the go.

This new TV technology, dubbed the ‘TV-specific display’ or TDS, is an effort to bring TV viewing into the 21st century and allows TV users to view videos and images on a larger screen.

This could allow users to watch larger-than-average TV content on smaller TV screens, potentially increasing the amount of content on a TV.

This is a pretty bold claim, but this technology could very well bring a significant increase in content consumption, even if it is not quite the kind of new kind of TV we’ve been expecting.

The TV-like display could potentially give TV viewers the ability to watch large-scale video on smaller screens, which could make it much easier to consume high-quality TV content.

It would also allow TV owners to watch content with more depth and depth of field, a feature that was only possible with larger screens before.

As such, it could significantly expand the amount that we can watch TV content without a separate set-top box, but that could also result in some significant drawbacks.

The new TV tech has been developed in partnership with Intel, the largest television hardware supplier in the world.

This is one of the most interesting developments in television research, because it shows how TV content is becoming a little more powerful as TVs become more connected.

Intel’s new TV chip has a resolution of 2560×1440, which means it is able to display up to 7 hours of HD video on a single display.

The chip itself is about twice as large as the Intel HD Graphics 5100 that has been the standard in TVs for the past several years.

The chip has two integrated displays, a large-sized LCD and a smaller-sized OLED display, all of which can be independently controlled via the TV’s remote.

The LCD screen is a curved glass display that looks very similar to a conventional TV screen.

The OLED display is about 10 percent larger and is designed to be able to read and display data more efficiently.

The display is made of a single layer of glass, which is coated with a material that acts as a display filter, which helps to minimize reflections from the screen.

The two LCD displays have been paired together in an arrangement that creates a single larger display, which allows the two displays to display images in the same manner.

This design is referred to as a ‘screen’ and it can be viewed in various ways.

The largest possible size of the screen is 7 inches by 7 inches, which makes it one of Apple’s biggest television displays, but the new TV display is capable of displaying images of up to 24 inches in size.

It is important to note that this is a prototype, and the exact technology is still being researched.

We do not yet know how the TDS will look like, how much it will cost, or what kind of content will be able see through it.

We will be looking to see how it works in the real world, so expect more information to come soon.

If you’re interested in how TVs are going to look in the future, this article from Forbes provides a great look at the future of TV viewing.

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