What you need to know about the new seasons of The Big Bang Theory and Community, along with the season finale of Game of Thrones and the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother.

Recode editor David Carr interviews former Fox executive producer Bill Lawrence about the success of TheBigBang Theory and the future of the sci-fi drama.

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Bravoos biggest star, the show’s host, Bill Lawrence, talks to Recode about his career, how he came to be in charge of the series, and his career as a director and producer.

He also shares his thoughts on how people react to him and his family.

Bill Lawrence talks to David Carr about his job on The Big bang, and the success or failure of the show.

He also talks about his favorite moments of the cast and crew of The Bachelor, the series he’s been involved with since season 5.

Bill talks about how he learned to be a director, and how he thinks his films are better because he didn’t have to learn it in the beginning.

Bill speaks about his personal life, the time he spent in the Marines, and what he’s learned about life from having a father with PTSD.

Bill spoke about his time as a producer on The Avengers, and why he feels the world needs more movies like that.

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