What if you could watch the entire Netflix original TV series on a TV, tablet, or phone?

You can’t, but now a startup called TinyZone is offering a free, ad-supported service that lets you watch a stream of your favorite shows and movies on your TV, on your phone, or even on an iPad.

The app is called Tiny Zone and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

TZs main feature is its ability to stream live TV on an Android TV device and also lets you control the channel with the touch of a button.

TinyZone says its service is the only one of its kind, so it’s the best way to watch TV and movies anytime and anywhere.

You can see more about TZ at TinyZone.com.

The startup’s app lets you add shows, movies, and TV episodes from your library, but you can also stream shows or movies from the Netflix app on any device.

You’ll need a Netflix account to watch a show or movie, though, so be careful with how much data you use for that.

Tzs app is compatible with all major streaming devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Google Chromecast Ultra.

You need a subscription to use the app.

If you’re looking to watch Netflix originals, you can still use TZ as a service to watch movies, TV shows, and other movies you can’t get on Netflix.

Tiny Zone says its services are free for now, but it’s currently available for $5 a month for unlimited access to your library of TV shows and 50 million TV episodes.

You won’t need to pay a subscription fee to watch your favorite Netflix shows, but if you do want to pay for that, you’ll need to subscribe to the company’s service.

T Z also lets people stream their own TV shows for $4 a month and can stream your entire library of shows, along with any episodes you have in the past.

That means you can watch movies you like on your Android TV or Apple TV and TV shows you might like on a Roku.

If all you want is to watch the latest movies, TZ offers a free streaming service that also lets users watch movies for free.

The company says that it has been growing quickly, and it plans to add more services as it matures.

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