When TV goes dark, the battle for your favorite networks begins

In this Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2017, file photo, a woman holds a phone as she waits in line at a television repair store in New York City.

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)In this Thursday, Oct., 6, 2017 photo, television repair workers at a repair center in New Jersey repair a damaged Samsung TV as customers wait in line to buy a television.

(Photo by Seth Wenig/AP, File)(AP Photo: Seth Wenigs)The new Trump administration has taken the TV repair industry by storm.

In a tweet Monday, President Donald Trump called the industry a “disgrace.”

And a group of TV repair experts says the new administration’s policies and policies have made TV repair even more of a struggle for them than it was even a few years ago.

The TV repair business is booming and is now being attacked by the new Trump Administration.

It is a “scourge” and a “crime” that will have a huge impact on the industry, says John Deere, CEO of the TV Repair Association.

The Trump administration’s actions, including its move to block local TV repair associations, are “the single most dramatic change to TV repair in 20 years,” he says.

The first wave of TV repairs was a small, local group of repair professionals from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, Deere says.

That group was joined by a larger network of TV owners, dealers and repairmen from other states.

The new administration has targeted that network and the owners and dealers that they represent, he says, calling them “disgusting” and “disrespectful.”

The Trump Administration also wants to eliminate local TV companies that don’t repair their equipment.

But the groups representing repair workers and owners say that the federal government and local TV regulators have to step in and keep local TV operators honest.

The latest push comes as the Trump Administration is preparing to impose a $10,000 fine on all TV repair businesses for failing to maintain service and fix damaged equipment, even if that damage was caused by a rogue repair crew.

The proposed penalty would apply to repair jobs for TV repair services as well as for repairs that are performed by local repair shops.

The Department of Justice says the move is meant to punish companies that “disrupt and shut down TV repair operations,” including repair jobs, and that it’s an attack on “the very jobs that are essential to the maintenance of the public’s television infrastructure.”

The Department also says that the proposed penalty is a threat to businesses that provide service in communities where there is no federal oversight.

It also calls the move a “dangerous escalation” of the War on TV Repair.

“This is the first time since the War On TV Repair was launched in the 1980s that the Department of Homeland Security has come into a TV repair operation,” says Michael Deutsch, the DOJ’s assistant attorney general for enforcement.

“The proposed fine is a direct assault on the owners, operators and repair crews of TV-repair businesses.

The fines are going to hit businesses where there’s no local oversight, where there are no local TV-owners or owners-operators.”

The move is part of a broader Trump Administration push to limit the role of TV operators and dealers in the repair industry, a move that is being met with skepticism from TV repair professionals, who say that TV repair is one of the most important parts of their jobs.

For years, TV repair has been under the purview of TV companies.

But a recent DOJ rule aimed at curbing illegal activities in TV repair led to a crackdown on TV repair workers by the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission and state TV regulators.

Deutsch says the latest DOJ decision to impose the $10K fine is designed to put TV repair back under federal control.

In January, the Justice Department launched a new initiative called the National TV Repair Initiative, designed to encourage TV repair companies to provide repair services to consumers, even when they’re under attack by the Trump administration.

Devere says the government’s new initiative is designed not only to put the repair business back under the federal purview, but also to promote the restoration of TV service in areas where there has been a lack of repair in the past.

“In these communities, we know that we need TV repair,” Deere said.

“That is what we’ve been trying to bring back.”

The DOJ says that enforcement actions in these areas have resulted in “record profits for repair-oriented businesses” and that “we are committed to taking actions to protect those businesses and the people that have dedicated their careers to TV repairs.”

Deere says that in addition to cracking down on TV repairs, the Trump DOJ is taking a number of other actions that will hurt the repair businesses that he represents.

For example, he said, the new DOJ regulations will restrict the ability of TV fix shops to sell to customers that are covered by the Affordable

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