Why Jackbox TV is ‘not a television show’

The NHL Network’s streaming service has no shortage of TV shows, but none as popular as Blaze TV’s hit show Blaze.

The FX series, which premieres on March 17, is a dark comedy about a high school freshman who becomes obsessed with her high school crush, and her family.

“I was really blown away by the show, and how much fun it was to make,” said Jackbox founder and CEO Michael Eisner.

“And it’s a show that’s going to be incredibly relatable for a wide range of people.”

The show was created by Eisner and Jackbox co-founder, Jesse Plemons, who are also producers of the hit FX show, Better Call Saul.

In addition to producing the series, Jackbox is also responsible for the licensing of the show to various networks.

The network’s show will air in more than 100 countries, including the United States.

“We were so thrilled to be working with the creators of Blaze TV, and with Eisner, Plemins and Jesse Pemons, we’re looking forward to bringing the show back to life for everyone,” said Scott Greenberg, president and chief content officer of FX Networks.

“We’re thrilled to continue supporting our viewers in so many different ways with the new season.”

Jackbox has already secured a syndication deal for Blaze TV.

Its first episode of the season is expected to air in the next week.

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