How to make a wall mount tv for your iPhone and tvOS device

TV mounting is now as easy as attaching a phone to your tv.

We’ve got the best of both worlds.

This tutorial will show you how to mount your tv with a wall, but don’t let that scare you.

If you’ve got an iPhone, tvOS, or Android device that doesn’t have a wall-mount, you can easily mount it on the same mounting surface that your phone does.

We’ll show you the steps, but first we need to get the wall mount ready.

This article will show how to attach a wall mounted iPhone to your TV.

We’re going to use an iPhone 5, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus as a reference, and then go from there.

Follow the instructions to get your phone on the wall.

The easiest way to mount an iPhone on the TV is to hold it down with the phone in one hand.

That means the iPhone is just about at eye level with the TV screen, but it’s not at eye-level with the back of the tv.

The iPhone should be mounted on a flat surface, not the side of the screen.

We also recommend that you make sure the iPhone’s face is facing away from you.

You want the phone to be able to see you while your TV is mounted, so we’ll use the iPhone 5.

We can’t stress enough that the iPhone isn’t going to be sitting perfectly flat on the screen all the time.

You’re going do this for the same reason you don’t want your iPhone to sit on a table: the edges of the TV will touch your iPhone, making it a lot easier to break your phone.

The reason that you want to mount the iPhone so that it faces away from the TV when you’re not looking at it is because you want the TV to have enough room for the phone when it’s mounted.

The back of your iPhone has a little more room, but the front has less room.

So we’ll need to make sure that the back is the right distance from the back.

If your iPhone is on the back, you’ll want to position the phone about 2 to 3 inches away from your TV screen.

If it’s on the front, you need to position it about 1 to 2 inches away.

Mounting a TV without a wall is easier because it doesn’t require you to touch the screen and the phone will still be able.

The TV can be mounted in a way that it’s sitting directly on the phone, so if you don�t have an iPhone in front of your TV, you won’t have to worry about having to worry if you can touch the TV with your hand.

If the TV has a phone on it, it can be used to mount a wall with the wall mounting tool.

If not, the wall can be done with a mounting clamp.

When you first mount your iPhone or TV, make sure to check that the TV doesn�t move around much.

That�s a good sign.

You can mount it in a spot that doesn�re too flat.

If a TV does move, it doesn�trick you into thinking that it is mounted correctly, but you can just ignore it and keep your iPhone mounted.

You don�re going to get much separation from the phone unless the TV was set up incorrectly. If there�s any movement, you should look closely at the phone and make sure it doesn`t move.

If that doesn`ts happen, just move the iPhone and then re-mount it.

The second step is to remove the iPhone from the wall and attach it to the TV.

You’ll need a flat, sturdy object like a piece of plywood, a metal ruler, or some type of tool.

The ruler will help you make the cut that you need.

If all of that seems complicated, we recommend that a friend or family member help you with this step.

Just hold the phone with your right hand while you attach the clamp to the wall, and let your left hand go to grab the clamp.

With the clamp in place, put your right thumb on the ruler.

This will be the first time your thumb touches the ruler, and you’ll feel the force of the clamp against your thumb.

It should be as hard as a pencil.

When the clamp is securely attached to the top of the wall that you are attaching the phone from, you’re done.

If everything is still a little tricky, it’s okay to hold the clamp and clamp to different surfaces, like the back or the sides of the couch.

But make sure you use the correct size clamp.

If any parts of the phone are off-center, you might need to adjust the size.

If something doesn�ts feel right, you don`t have to do any of this.

Just make sure your phone is on a perfectly flat surface.

We won�t be needing to use this exact procedure on our iPhone 5 or 6.

If we were to make changes to the iPhone that

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