When is the final chapter in the saga of Ome TV?

OmeTV.com was created by a group of young Canadian creatives to help the CBC break the news about the news coverage of Canadian television programs.

In the past, Ome has been a hub for CBC news, but it also has a focus on digital content. 

The Ome team is led by veteran TV news editor-in-chief Emily Fennell and her husband, veteran journalist David Fennells.

They’re a team of seasoned reporters, producers and writers who were tasked with creating a new media outlet to help CBC break through the news cycle of its flagship news program, CBC’s The National. 

In a blog post, Fennill said she and her team are looking to expand beyond the traditional newsroom to build a digital media platform that is a “better fit for the needs of the public and a better fit for CBC News.” 

“I am thrilled to be working with Ome, a brand new, fully digital, media-focused news organization, to create an alternative to traditional newsrooms that will allow us to bring you the latest and greatest news on Canadian television,” she said. 

“We are committed to creating a news platform that truly meets the public’s needs and provides a platform that respects diversity and informs Canadians,” Fennll said.

“OmeTV will serve as the next great Canadian news outlet.” 

Fennell’s team is building the Ome channel as part of a new platform that will be launched in early 2018. 

She said the channel will be a “platform for the CBC to connect with audiences across Canada, and to serve as a platform for us to create a better news product for Canadians.” 

In the blog post that was published Friday, Fernell said Ome will serve a dual role. 

It will be “the hub of news coverage for CBC’s National” as well as a place to share the news, commentary and analysis. 

Fernell told The Globe and Mail that the new Ome would be a place where “people will come to share their stories and get news. 

I am excited to be able to partner with Oma, the people behind this brand new digital news platform, who are focused on delivering compelling, reliable, independent news on the frontlines of Canada’s economy, politics and culture.” 

She added that Ome “will serve as an essential component of the news and analysis team as we continue to work to create the next generation of Canadians who are watching CBC TV and the CBC News app and want to know more about what’s going on around them.” 

Ome TV will also be a hub where people can share their own stories and news on social media, she said, and will feature stories that “cannot be found anywhere else.” 

The news site is expected to be launched with an interactive storytelling feature that will give users access to a variety of sources, including the CBC, CTV, Global News and CBC News Network. 

Omme TV is expected be a new channel that is focused on breaking the news of Canadian programs and stories. 

This is not the first time that CBC News has partnered with a news outlet in the digital space.

The network’s newsroom has worked closely with OmineTV for many years. 

According to a 2015 CBC News story, Omine was one of three new news outlets that were launched at the CBC’s request. 

 “As an independent newsroom, we recognize the importance of breaking news to the CBC,” Fernll said in the blog posting.

“In a world of ever-changing news and a fast-paced media environment, breaking news has become a necessity for CBC.

The news media is not a commodity.

We need to find ways to deliver a fresh, compelling, and in-depth news to our audiences, and that means creating new channels and platforms that deliver a balanced, reliable news experience.” 

This story was produced by The Globe’s editorial staff.

Elisha Fergusson can be reached at [email protected] .

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