An ‘intelligent’ cat rescued from a burning house

The cat had been sitting on the roof of a burning home for several days before he was rescued from the blaze.

The cat was brought to the fire department, where he was taken to the vet for treatment.

“He was very sick.

The vets were worried,” said Dr. Steven Siegel, who performed the surgery.

“They said he could be very, very sick, so we had to take the cat to the vets,” Siegel told The Washington Post.

“It’s an intelligent cat, and they had to do some special care, and we took him into a room and did an incision to get him to move around.”

The cat has since been taken to a shelter for rehabilitation.

Siegel added that he was surprised that the cat was so sick, since he said he had never seen a cat that was sick before.

“I was amazed that he could go this far and be so healthy,” he said.

“We’re very thankful for the work that we did to bring him to the rescue.”

The city has now taken the cat out for walks, so he won’t be able to walk around.

Sinkings have been happening more and more in the US, and the cat could be the first of many.

Skelzer told The Post that he and his colleagues had also saved a baby cat from a similar fire in 2015.

“A cat had to be saved.

We were there, and he didn’t want to leave.

He was a beautiful little cat,” Skelzner said.

The rescue team is planning to bring the cat back to his home in New Mexico, where it has been kept as a pet.

“The cats are very social cats,” Sinkes said.

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