How the grinder will be set up for COVID-19 coverage

The next generation of COVID monitoring and prevention equipment is set to launch on Wednesday.

This will be the first time that the government has deployed a COVID device at the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) facility in Sriharikota, the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

“It will be a one-of-a-kind monitoring device,” Dr RK Dabholkar, who heads the COVID programme at ISRO, told HT.

The COVID probe is being developed by scientists and engineers at the space agency.

“This device is an advanced and cutting edge monitoring device.

It has the capability to track COVID from a distance,” said Dabhokar.

The device will be used for detecting airborne infections.

It will also help researchers in the field to identify patients at high risk.

The first-of kind device, which will be called the COVEN, will have a range of sensors and features.

The sensors are designed to collect data about the COV-19 airborne particle, which can be detected by the device and the COVEcant be traced.

The sensor is being installed in the space of the ISRO facility at Sriharikkota, about 100 kilometres from the capital, Andhra.

This is the first phase of the COVSamp monitoring project, a government-sponsored programme.

“This will help the scientists in the science and technology sector to understand the trends and detect the infection and trace it to a specific patient,” said K M Sivan, a senior researcher from the Institute of Infection Control and Control Research at National Institute of Public Health and Medical Education.

The next phase of COVSamps project will be to provide COVIDs monitoring devices to scientists in other parts of the country and also across the globe, he said.

The monitoring system, which is being set up by scientists, is expected to be deployed by September.

The device will monitor COVID levels in soil and water, air quality and temperature, which would help scientists track down cases of the infection.

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