What’s next for Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon FireTV was released last year and it’s a solid platform with a lot of potential.

But it’s been overshadowed by Roku TV, which has gained traction as a streaming service, and it has some limitations in terms of the devices it supports.

That’s where Roku TV Series, a new smart TV series that Amazon will release this month, comes in.

Amazon says it will be the only Roku TV series with a full, free subscription to Amazon Video.

The Amazon TV Series will include all the best Roku TV apps, plus an exclusive selection of Roku TV movies and TV shows.

The series will launch in November.

It’s a smart move by Amazon to try to attract a wider audience to its streaming service.

Roku TV hasn’t been a hit in the United States, but the series is growing quickly in other markets.

The new series will be available in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

Roku will offer a similar deal in Europe and Asia, though it’s unclear how much the price will be.

Roku has made some great efforts to reach new markets and to bring a lot more streaming services to its platform.

We expect to see more of that kind of strategy in the future.

Amazon will have some exclusives in this series, too.

It will include a variety of Roku TVs, including the Amazon Fire, Fire TV Stick, Fire HD, and Fire TV S. Amazon is also selling a Roku TV S in the UK for $150.

Amazon has also announced it will begin selling the Roku TV 4.

It costs $399, and includes a remote and a wireless internet connection.

It also comes with a Roku-branded box and an Amazon TV subscription.

It won’t come with a TV, though.

Amazon’s latest Fire TV Series launch comes just one month after Amazon TV launched in the US.

The Fire TV 5 is coming this fall and Amazon will be launching the Roku-supported Fire TV 4 and Roku TV in early 2018.

Roku’s strategy to launch new devices is something the company has been trying to do for some time.

The company introduced Roku TV last year with the Fire TV stick and the Fire Stick Pro, but those were discontinued after the launch.

Amazon also launched a new version of its streaming box, the FireTV Stick Mini, in October.

It is powered by Roku’s Roku Streaming Stick and includes an antenna and a Roku tuner, which can be used to stream content.

Amazon isn’t saying how many Roku TVs will be sold in this new series, but it said that more than 30 million Roku TVs are currently sold worldwide.

Amazon said it has plans to bring more new Roku TV products to the US, as well as to offer more Roku TV packages in Europe.

The Roku TV lineup is currently being developed for both the US and Europe, and Amazon has said it plans to release a new streaming box and Roku-powered TV in 2018.

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