Why does Walmart have such a high sales figure for its home TV shows?

Walmart has more than 4,500 TV shows on its streaming video platform, but it’s not all of them, according to a CBC News analysis of its own records.

And even though many of those shows are popular, many are not.CBC News has broken down how many popular shows there are in Canada and the U.S. for each of the top 30 TV shows.

Here’s what we found:For example, the most popular show in Canada, “The Big Bang Theory,” has 1.5 million subscribers.

It is not available in the U., but it does not make up the vast majority of Canadian TV viewers.

On the other end of the spectrum, the CW’s “Arrow” has just over 5 million subscribers and its top 10 episodes have only 3.3 million viewers.

That’s not enough for a hit.

So, what is “Arrows” about?

The “Arrays” are a fictional family that lives in a small suburban town in Canada.

The show is based on the real-life family of the same name.

The family’s main job is to maintain a balance of food, energy and water while the kids play outside and the adults have to manage their finances.

It’s a realistic family sitcom.

And its ratings aren’t exactly great either.

In recent years, the show’s ratings have declined dramatically, but for the last five years, they’ve been in line with those of its main character.

“Arries” has been renewed for a sixth season in 2018.

A recent study found that “Arrivals” was watched by 6.5% of Canadian adults ages 12 and over.

That’s slightly higher than the 7.3% average for prime-time TV shows in the country.

That same study found “Arrangers” is watched by 9.3%.

While “Arrie” is considered the mainstay of Canadian households, it doesn’t do as well among younger viewers.

“The Arrow” is popular with teens in the 16 to 24 age group, but “Arrior” is the most watched series among those viewers.

While many popular TV shows are watched by younger viewers, they are less popular with adults.

The CBC’s analysis found that nearly 70% of adults under the age of 35 in Canada watched “Arriors” at least once, compared to 45% of those ages 45 to 54 and 40% of people over the age 65.

While “The Shield” has consistently been the most-watched show in the United States, “Arrival” was second in Canada to “Arrive” in 2014.

And “Arrested Development” is fourth in the rankings, at No. 6.

“Arrestee” is also in the top 10.

It was the most downloaded show in 2014, and it has an audience of more than 100 million people in Canada alone.

“Black-ish” is one of the most highly-wanted shows on Netflix.

In fact, “Black-ness” has topped Netflix’s list of most-viewed shows in more than two years.

It has a loyal fan base across North America and beyond.

“Downton Abbey” is another favorite.

It started its run on HBO in 2008, but HBO has since pulled it.

But it is still highly-anticipated and has been seen in Canada several times.

And “The Mindy Project” has had success with its popular TV series on the Netflix platform.

Its ratings are high and its viewership is high.

“The Muppets” has a long history of success on Netflix, which it was even able to do when it first launched in 2014 in the fall of 2014.

But the show has also been a hot commodity in recent years for Amazon.com, which has a big market share in Canada with its Prime service.

Netflix is also the number one streaming service in the world for Canadian households.

But while Netflix is king of the streaming world, it has struggled to stay ahead of Amazon.

It took more than a year for Amazon to launch Prime Video in Canada before it did in the US.

Amazon Prime Video has had a much better success than Amazon Prime in Canada than Amazon did in its US launch.

But Netflix has struggled in Canada because it doesn

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