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How to fix the “SD-18” bug, even if it’s a “SD” one

A few months ago, I wrote an article for the San Diego Union-Tribune about the latest iteration of the Nintendo DS, the SD-18.As I said at the time, I wanted to try to fix a few problems that seemed to be cropping up on the device: the lack of NFC

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Why The Latest Titan TV Show Isn’t On HBO Anymore

Posted September 08, 2018 12:31:00The latest Titan TV show, Titan, which stars actor and former “Breaking Bad” star Jesse Pinkman, was cancelled after a year-long run on Netflix.The show was supposed to debut in October 2018, but was postponed after a number of factors including a pilot’s problems, a cancellation

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What’s on sale at Best Buy this week?

Best Buy has the most-loved television mounts available right now, and it’s not because they’re the most popular, it’s because they work the way Apple wanted them to.With Apple’s new TV mounts, you can use them as standalone stand-alone units, or attach them to any Apple TV for an app-friendly

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‘A Place To Call Home’ is a ‘good’ start for TV series

RTE 2.2 is out now, bringing a number of improvements to the tv shows and shows on the App Store.Apple TV 4k is now supported for all TV apps, including those that support it.This means that the latest Apple TV app is able to show 1080p video content to your

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How to save on your smart tv app sale

As you browse through the app store and your smart TV app, you’ll likely notice that the price has dropped significantly.With most of the major smart tv apps, the price of the device is currently under $100.But the app on sale price has decreased from $60 to $60, and the

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WatchCartoonOnline’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ TV series to hit Netflix

WatchCartoonsOnline is planning to launch a new ‘Wizards of Oz TV Series’ on Netflix on March 14.In the show, a witch named Oz will battle the evil wizard Ozma and his minions, and she must battle a dragon, a giant rabbit, and an evil witch named has released a

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Trump signs $50B stimulus package to fight opioid epidemic

President Donald Trump signed a $50 billion stimulus package on Thursday to combat the opioid crisis, the White House announced.The bill includes $4.6 billion for states to boost treatment capacity, $4 billion for treatment of drug overdoses, $10 million for opioid addiction treatment, $2 billion for education and $7 billion

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How to watch live TV on your smart TV without buying a cable box

In a world where most of us use a TV, streaming is king.That’s the premise of Plex, a streaming media player that lets you watch TV on almost any device you own.You can watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu Plus on a smart TV, or

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