TV Guide: TinyZone TV review

TinyZone is a new streaming TV service, with a focus on low-cost TV set-top boxes.It also has a selection of premium movies, documentaries and live TV.I’ve been using TinyZone for a couple of weeks, and have yet to use it in the living room.It’s a great way to start watching

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What you need to know about the new seasons of The Big Bang Theory and Community, along with the season finale of Game of Thrones and the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother.

Recode editor David Carr interviews former Fox executive producer Bill Lawrence about the success of TheBigBang Theory and the future of the sci-fi drama.TheBigBBangThatsComing: Season 3Bravo TV scheduleNew TV showsThe Big Bang theoryCommunityS4 premiereThe Big bang theory season 4The Bigbang theory season 5Bravos Big Bang scheduleThe BigBang season 6The BigBBang

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Why the tech companies are getting more creative about their ads and TV shows

TechCrunch is reporting that Google is going out of its way to avoid using words like “social media” or “digital media.”The company is now using the words “community,” “community engagement,” “content” and “social” instead of “social,” “online” and even “digital.”The change is not limited to Google+.Google says the changes are

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The 10 Best Shows on Netflix for the Holidays

The Netflix holiday catalog is full of great titles, and the company is working hard to keep up with demand.The company has just announced the Top 10 shows on its streaming service for the holidays.Here are the best-performing Netflix original shows, ranked from least to most popular:1.The 100: The 100

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How to Buy a Wal-Mart TV for Your Smart Home

Wal-mart has a big plan to bring the television to the home, including a TV for each room.But if you have a lot of TV’s to put in your living room, you might want to look at some cheaper options instead.Read More

The biggest movie stars on the internet are all white, and now they’re going to get some help in their efforts to get on the big screen

Today, the movie industry is hoping to give a voice to its most marginalized, but most of all, its most vocal and outspoken white people.In the last three years, the industry has been trying to help white actors get their jobs back after the Oscar-winning film Moonlight went on to

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Which is the best live sport?

The sport of rugby union is on track to become the most popular sport in Ireland with an estimated 60 million people tuning in to watch games each year.The sport has a rich history in Ireland, having been first played in the UK and the Republic of Ireland in the

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