How to watch the new Vikings tv show in your own home

Now Playing: Watch the new Star Wars TV show in a new way Now Playing ‘The Force Awakens’ TV series comes to an end on July 17 Now Playing Trump signs executive order to protect children from sexual assault Now Playing President Trump signs an executive order banning transgender people

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Why TV Guide is now ‘Best TV Guide’

TV Guide now has a new motto: “TV Guide is the best TV guide out there.”The new motto is based on reader feedback that the guide is now more of an encyclopedia than an encyclopedia.It also reflects a shift in focus.“TV guide is a brand name,” said Chris McDaniel, senior

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When Walmart gets $1 billion to buy TV channel it will be the first time the world’s biggest retailer has bought a media company

Walmart will buy a $1.4 billion television company, including programming, technology and operations, as it seeks to make its TV channel the world champion it has been for more than a decade.The deal is expected to close this week and is expected by analysts to close within months.It’s the first

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Bose soundbar – audio highlights

There is a chance you may be surprised to hear this – the soundbar on the new Apple TV is the same one as on the Apple TV.That’s right, the new Bose Soundbar is now a standard on the newest Apple TV models.That means it works with the new iPad

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Samsung TV Wall Mount TV Stands 85 Inch

A Samsung TV wall mount TV stands 85 inches tall with an 85 inch TV screen.The Samsung TV Mount is the latest smart home accessory for the smart home.The TV mount is a wireless accessory for your Samsung TV.You can hook up the Samsung TV mount to any wall outlet.Samsung

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How to watch live TV on your smartphone and tablet with the Samsung S8 and S8+

Posted October 08, 2018 09:51:31 A little more than a month after the launch of Samsung’s new flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company is finally getting its first real flagship-to-tablet hybrid device, the S8+.This is not just any smartphone.It is a phone with a touchscreen.And a touchscreen display.And

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How to watch Hulu in 2017

Hulu is one of the most popular video services in the world, with more than 1.5 billion subscribers and a steady stream of original content.But it’s also facing an uncertain future in the wake of Netflix and Amazon, two other video services that are expected to dominate the streaming video

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How to Get Your Free Speech TV Set on Amazon TV today

You’ve probably heard that Amazon Prime is launching free speech tv.And now, it’s official.Amazon TV, the streaming video service Amazon has been selling for a while now, has made its official announcement today.It’s worth mentioning that Amazon TV isn’t just any streaming service.Amazon Prime TV will give you the ability

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How to watch the new season of ‘Blaze TV’ on Dish TV

A new season for the Blaze TV channel has launched, and Dish has released a video for it.The new show, called Blaze TV: Season 1, follows the life of Blaze TV creator Blaze Peterson, who became a household name in 2014 after he created a show on Amazon that starred

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