How the new ESPNCric series will be different than ESPN3

ESPN3’s live coverage of the 2017 Rugby World Cup has been replaced with an extended, on-demand version of the series.The new live version of Rugby World Cups has been designed to provide a new and unique experience to fans around the world.ESPN3 has partnered with The Rugby Foundation to develop

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What is sling tv and why should I care?

A new app that streams television shows on a smartphone or tablet, sling tv lets users watch streaming television shows and movies.The service will also provide access to premium movies and TV shows that will not be available on television.The app is available in the Google Play Store and has

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How to watch TV on Android TV without a subscription

Posted September 29, 2018 10:16:46When you’re in the market for a new set-top box or TV set, the options aren’t nearly as diverse as they once were.We’re all used to having a choice of two major players for streaming services, but that may not always be the case.Android TV, a

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Why is the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 5 finale on Amazon?

Why did HBO decide to end season 5 on Sunday night, after a tumultuous summer?Because they didn’t want to let their loyal followers down.According to HBO, the series finale was delayed because the streaming service needed to do an analysis of how its subscriber base was responding to the show.The

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How to use the Samsung tv remote and Android TV to watch videos online

The Samsung tv remotes have a few quirks that make them less useful than your average smartphone or tablet.For example, you can’t change your channel when you’re watching a video, and you can only watch your own channel when playing a video.The only other app that lets you change the

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25% off all DirecTV 4K streaming video on Fire TV 2018

Fire TV 4K is available for a small amount less than $50 now, but if you want the streaming video features that come with it, you’re going to need to shell out a few bucks.There are no official pricing details yet, but a few retailers are selling it for $50

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How to buy an HDTV without losing $1,000: A guide

A lot of the time, buying a television is a straightforward, simple matter.You can find it on the shelf or in the hardware room, you can check the ratings online or browse the online TV guides.But sometimes you’re faced with the choice of buying a high-end TV that costs a

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How to buy Apple TV app on smart tv app sale

The app store for Apple TV is now live, and with it comes the option to purchase the Apple TV software.As of Wednesday, users of the $69.99 Apple TV App can buy the AppleTV Remote, Apple TV remote, Apple Remote, and Apple Remote Control.The App Store also offers the Apple

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Which TV channels can stream your favorite sports shows?

The biggest TV networks in America have launched their own streaming services that offer live sports.Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN and NBCSN are among the networks that offer the streaming services for free, and many of those have partnered with companies that offer sports content.Here’s a look at what you need

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