How to use the TV remote on your smart TV

You can use the remote on any TV connected to the same Wi-Fi network.If you don’t have an Apple TV or Roku, you can use it on your computer or Android device.But if you have one of those, you should also follow the instructions below to set up your smart

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When is the final chapter in the saga of Ome TV? was created by a group of young Canadian creatives to help the CBC break the news about the news coverage of Canadian television programs.In the past, Ome has been a hub for CBC news, but it also has a focus on digital content. The Ome team is led by veteran

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How to get the most out of your Samsung phone

In a world where the Samsung Galaxy S8 is still the flagship phone for many, the Samsung Note 8 has found a new audience.The new device is the first Samsung phone to come with Android Nougat, but the Note 8 isn’t just any old phone.This is a premium handset, with

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Why Chuchu TV is the best TV guide listings

In the past, TV guide listing sites were a little too easy to use, but the days of the “tweener” search are over, and the company’s updated list is the industry’s best.Chuchus new guide has a ton of helpful features, like “favorite channels” and “channel history” so you can find

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Watch the Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows Tonight: ‘American Idol’ and ‘American Hustle’

The latest “Top 10 Most Viewed” list from Yahoo News has “American Idol” and “American Hustel” both rising from their respective No. 3 spots, and “Top Five Most Viewing” lists of shows like “The Voice” and Netflix’s “The Crown” have both seen a decline.“American Ninja Warrior” was also on the

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