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Loki TV series premieres in 2019 in South Africa

Loki TV, an Australian TV production company that has been producing shows in South African TV, will debut in 2019 with a series titled “Loki”.The series will be produced by the same company behind the acclaimed television series “Hulu” and the new film “The Avengers”.Loki will be the first series

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How to watch live TV on your smartphone and tablet with the Samsung S8 and S8+

Posted October 08, 2018 09:51:31 A little more than a month after the launch of Samsung’s new flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company is finally getting its first real flagship-to-tablet hybrid device, the S8+.This is not just any smartphone.It is a phone with a touchscreen.And a touchscreen display.And

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How to watch the new season of ‘Blaze TV’ on Dish TV

A new season for the Blaze TV channel has launched, and Dish has released a video for it.The new show, called Blaze TV: Season 1, follows the life of Blaze TV creator Blaze Peterson, who became a household name in 2014 after he created a show on Amazon that starred

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The first flat-screen TV you will ever buy

You’ve heard it all before: a $300 flat-panel TV, an Amazon Echo, and a Roku stick.But what do these little gadgets really mean for you?What is the difference between flat screen TVs and televisions?Find out what you need to know about all the latest gadgets and technology.

The House of Cards: Season 5 trailer – Exclusive video

A new trailer for House of Crows has surfaced, featuring a trio of cast members and a new House of Card villain.House of Cocks’ season 5 trailer features three new cast members – Zachary Quinto, David Oyelowo, and David Spade.The three will be joined by a brand new villain, The

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How to Install the Black TV Stand on Your New Black Smart TV

When you’re new to the Black tv stand, it can be intimidating to find the black stand, especially if you’re brand new to smart TVs.Thankfully, we’ve been able to help.Here are 5 steps you can take to get your black TV stand installed on your new Black smart TV. 1.Open

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