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How to watch the NFL with a speaker?

You can’t get a great sound bar without a speaker.You’ll need one of the new, smaller speakers on the Bose soundbar, the $99 speaker from Bose.And that’s the thing about Bose: they are the ones who came up with the idea of the speaker in the first place. You’ll also need

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Why cozi TV Soundbar will make the next streamer look like me

Cozi TV is a service that offers premium sound bars, which have a range of different sound effects, to premium streaming video apps.Its sound bars are designed to provide users with the best sound experience possible, but they also have the potential to look like you and your friends, too.They

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Bose TV: The new House TV series has arrived!

With its unique combination of sound, rich color, and unique aesthetics, Bose’s new series House TV is sure to appeal to fans of the iconic brand.The series features the return of longtime Bose staffers and a new, diverse cast of characters including a new character named “Gus,” a former Army

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Bose soundbar – audio highlights

There is a chance you may be surprised to hear this – the soundbar on the new Apple TV is the same one as on the Apple TV.That’s right, the new Bose Soundbar is now a standard on the newest Apple TV models.That means it works with the new iPad

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